CREATIVA Design Studio is proud to be the founder of the first Latin American Networking Group in Wellington, New Zealand. In November last year we organized our first Annual Event in which we had three wonderful speakers from NZ and South America, three inspiring people who shared with us insightful information†and experiences about how it is to work and live in this beautiful country.

After this event we wanted to keep in touch with everyone and what are their†plans and dreams for 2015. We organized a Follow Up / Drinks Night at Southern Cross and we had a wonderful time with a few of the member of the group.

The CREATIVAS: Maribel & Vera, with one of our friends and advisor: Leandro Cavalcanti.

CREATIVAS and Leandro

The CREATIVAS with Cristian (Engineer) and Ninoska (Designer & Artist).

Latin American Networking Group

Andrea Masignani from Do Brazil and our friend and advisor Craig Nicholson.

Latin American Networking Group

Our friend Lucy Oneill, Andrea and the youngest member of our group, Julieta.


We are planning to organize these Networking Nights†every two months. If you are interested on joining our group please Contact Us, and we will get back to you with more information about our Group and Events.