What do you get out of a website audit?




Every brand needs a professional website. It’s a place where customers can go to learn about your products and services, get in touch, or simply become acquainted with your brand ahead of a future purchase.

Yet any marketer knows that simply building a website isn’t enough in a competitive market. It is an ongoing investment that requires regular checks and updates to ensure every aspect of the website is up to scratch, from bringing customers in to sharing the right information to moving each client along the sales funnel.

But it’s not always easy to know exactly which areas are lacking in order to make improvements, and that’s where a website audit provides an invaluable service.

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What does a website audit include?

A website audit will typically take a closer look at five key areas of your website. These areas are all equally important but play different roles in your user experience, visibility in search engines, and branding.

They are:

User experience

By definition, User Experience is the process that designers use to provide a meaningful and pleasant experience for a user with a product, in this case, a website. Every website should be designed for an easy user experience: for example, all sites should be mobile-friendly and must have clear navigation. A Website Audit can detect how the visuals elements, usability, accessibility and any interaction with the user is set up correctly

Search engine optimisation

SEO is a crucial aspect of website design, that helps it attract more visitor and rank well on Search Engines. Having a good SEO strategy and even the basics of SEO will give your site an important advantage over your competitors.  An SEO audit will pinpoint weak areas in your SEO, such as missing description tags, and whether you are set up on Google My Business.

Performance and security

Every website must perform well and offer a secure connection for users. This includes page-load speeds and security certificates. If there are safety or performance issues showing on your site your visitors will leave right away, probably never come back, and you might lose their trust on your brand.


Accessibility is about inclusion, this means it should fundamentally be designed for all people, including those with disabilities or those using assistive technologies. This includes aspects such as fields and forms that work well and alt tags on all images.

Content format and copy

Website content is extremely important for any brand and for every website. An audit will check if you have compelling calls to action, easy scanability, and consistent formatting. Knowing exactly where to fix and update your content so it’s working efficiently for your message it can make a huge difference and will help you avoid an overwhelming task.


Sometimes, your website may excel in one area, be average in other areas, and do poorly in another area. A website audit will give you a helpful overview of current performance in each area, so you know exactly what you need to improve.

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
– Helmut Schmidt

What do you get out of a website audit?

 A website audit is a personalised service, meaning your audit result is unique to your brand. Rather than receiving a cookie-cutter list of ways to improve your website, you’ll receive an outline of exactly what you can improve on – and what you can leave as is if you’re already performing highly in some areas.

Great audits will also not just list areas for improvement, but also exactly how to improve. You may be able to complete some parts by yourself, while other areas may require finding an expert such as an SEO copywriter to improve your content.

You can therefore improve everything from your search engine optimisation to your on-site conversions and performance with the help of a website audit. This ultimately means more visitors to your website, more brand awareness, greater client time spent on site, more conversions, higher-value conversions, and importantly, a healthier bottom line.

How often should you seek a website audit?

An annual website audit will help you to reach and maintain ongoing website excellence.

Online digital marketing is a fast moving space, and there are many areas that update regularly, such as Google’s search algorithms for search engine optimisation. By seeking regular website audits, you will be best placed to stay on top of the latest benchmarks and ensure your website is one step ahead of the competition.

Final thoughts

CREATIVA offers website audits that cover all the areas mentioned above. It is an excellent place to start if you are unsure about how to improve your website or to increase your conversions.

Get in touch to learn more about website audits for your business.