Entry-Level Web Design
Wellington, New Zealand

Beautiful and affordable
pre-design websites
customise to your brand.

Beautiful, elegant,
affordable websites.

We create beautiful pre-made website designs to help you save time and money while setting up a functional, chic, and professional site, customised to your brand and your business. Our designs are beautifully crafted, with elegant fonts, responsive layouts, and flexible design possibilities, customised to your brand.

Our professional team makes the design, hosts the site, and sets up the website, leaving you more time to work on your business and more cash flow thanks to the pre-made template.

Entry-Level Website Design

The perfect solution between a DIY and a custom website design. A simple four-step process, where all you have to do is choose a template and send us the content then we do the rest!

Whats included

When you sign up with our Entry-Level websites, this is what you can expect from the team:

  • Stunning website templates created by experienced web designers
  • Quick website set up
  • Premium website hosting
  • Technical support
  • Tutorials on how to use the website and publish content
  • Ongoing maintenance (including daily backups, weekly updates, security checks, and more)
  • Ongoing support from designers and developers for any questions you have
  • Peace of mind (get on with your work as we manage the website aesthetics and maintenance)
Entry Level Website Design

How it works

As with all things CREATIVA, we like to keep things as simple and easy as possible for our clients. When it comes to creating a beautiful website with a pre-made template, all you need to do is pick your favourite design and let us do the rest. Here’s what you can expect throughout each step in the process.

1. Pick your design

Make your way to our website templates page and choose your favourite design or the one that you think best reflects the needs and feel of your brand.

This will become the base of your new website.

2. Send us your content

Next, we will need your content and branding to turn our template into a professional and polished website branded to your company or organisation.

This includes your content, images you would like us to use, and your domain name.

Note that if you need help in this area, we offer additional design and content services as add-ons should you need them.

3. We set up the website for you

The great thing about our Entry-Level websites is that we don’t just hand you a template and leave you to it. Instead, we take your content and set the website up for you.

Not only does this take a huge workload off your hands, it ensures everything is set up correctly, and results in a professional finish that perfectly fits your brand and highlights your services and products.

4. Go live!

Once you have checked the website and we have made any amendments required, the site is ready to go live to the world. We will also train you on how to update the content yourself, so you can easily make adjustments and changes whenever it suits you.

stunning pre-design websites

Payment Options

Investing in your brand and website doesn’t have to be hard. We have flexible plan options whether you have a limited budget or need a quick website setup.

Set up Fee

Option 1 – One-off payment


Option 2 – 2 payments of


Option 3 – 3 payments of


Website Care Plan


a month

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Premium website hosting
  • Tutorials and resources
  • Ongoing support from designers and developers for any questions you have
  • Peace of mind (get on with your work as we manage the website aesthetics and maintenance)


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