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Beautiful, Simple, Effective
Graphic & Web Design…

At CREATIVA we help businesses and organisations develop iconic brands and beautiful responsive websites that stand out and create immediate brand recognition. We work closely with our clients to create stunning and effective print and digital materials that reflect their business message and vision.

We offer a range of services to help our clients to better communicate their messages to audiences. We don’t just make pretty things, we closely manage the whole processes to ensure the final product is even better than you expect. We are passionate about design and delivering exceptional services.

Website Design


We create beautiful websites to effectively communicate your content and engage your visitors with your brand.

Mobile friendly layouts provide fluid reading, easy navigation and adaptive interaction with your visitors.

After your site is live you need to make sure someone is looking after it. We can provide you with premium hosting services and website maintenance.



Your Brand Identity represents what your business is, product or service about, your first point of contact with your potential customers.

We focus not just on making your brand look good, we also help you craft your content, experiences, and strategies to reach your audience in a clear and authentic way.

The logo identifies a company on its simple form. It’ the base of your whole brand and the first element your customers see andnotice.

Graphic Design


A beautiful brand matching printing material can say a lot about your business and how professional your service is.

Today, your brand needs to adjust to many digital media platforms, we can design your brand material for different mediums such as e-books, Social Media channels, Newsletters, and much more.

We can help you design all kind of layouts from books, book covers, publishing materials, etc. As well as custom artworks, illustrations, and packaging, and more.





We take your words and polish them until they sparkle. We’ll fix up any errors and improve your content for readability, style and flow, whether that’s a product label, newsletter, or web page.

Blogs, news articles, landing pages – you name it, we’ll write it. Your words will define your business, and we’ll make sure your copy clearly reflects your company values and products or services.

SEO is an increasingly vital part of any online content. We’ll help you optimise your existing content or create fresh optimised copy for your landing pages and blogs.



We’ll work with you on finding the platforms that best suit your style and tone and then help you understand how to best maximise and track results in each channel.

Video, blog, podcast, newsletters – we can help you work out how to best communicate to your audience and help you develop a calendar to keep you on track, monitor your progress and stay flexible.

Does your brand consistently express a singular point-of-view? Are you the brand and if not, do you know how to separate yourself from your business brand? Do you know your audience, the problem they are trying to solve and how you fit in? Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers – that’s where we come in.


There is so much more than we can do, no job is too big or too small. We will be happy to provide you with a Free Consultation to see if we are a good fit for your next project. Click on the link below and get in touch!

how we work

our design process

Planning Stage

Design Briefing –We can work with clients everywhere, but if the client is local we prefer to meet them to talk about their goals, needs, and budget.

Project Quote -From the first meeting, we create a design brief document and a quote of an estimated fixed-price for the project.

Design Stage

Research -We conduct research or study of the project; your industry, your personality, and particular branding strategy, to develop the best visual solution possible.

Drafts- We draft out the first ideas about the concept and the visualized design. We gather all graphic elements that need to be applied to the final product.

Development -We jump to the computer and start creating the proposal and mockups. Here is where the look and feel of the project are defined. We provide up to three different design versions.

Revision Stage

Proposal -We present the design versions (usually printed mockups), explain the design concept, and receive feedback from the client.

Changes – A version is chosen and we revise and adjust the design according to what the project needs. Here we make sure the client is happy with the result.

Refine, Refine, Refine – We revise again and prepare the design files to meet the necessary requirement for its final production, this can be for printing or digital use.

Production Stage

For Printing Products -We can take care of the printing process and deliver the physical graphics piece, or provide the ready-to-print file to the client.

For Digital Products -We create a shared Dropbox folder for easy and quick access, and we release all original files to the client so they can be used whenever they are needed.

Beautiful, Simple, Effective Design


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