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A step-by-step process to
build your high-ticket sales funnel
and vastly improve your profit margins.

High Ticket Sales Funnel Design

“Price is what you pay,
value is what you get” 
– Warren Buffet

A high-ticket sales funnel is one that guides potential customers through a series of steps that will lead them to making a very high value purchase. It functions in the same way as a regular sales funnel, but is designed specifically for products and services that typically exceed $5,000.

While the key purpose of building a high-ticket sales funnel is to improve profit margins, it also exists to curate more valuable and viable leads, automatically discarding those who are less likely to make a purchase. These funnels are best used when the purchase requires a high level of trust from the customer.

how it works



We discuss your goals, learn about your product or service, and consider your target market. This vital first step is about understanding, strategising, and planning.

Content Creation

High-ticket sales funnel copy must be targeted, relevant, and persuasive in order to lead your customers from one step to the next. We work with you to keep copy on brand and to ensure it drives clients through the process toward a purchase.

Funnel Set Up

The next step is to do the technical work in setting up the funnel and integrating it with your existing systems. This back-end stage is behind the scenes and will be set up in a way that promotes movement through the tunnel.

Linking to analytics

Once all the elements are in place, we link the entire funnel to an analytics system to keep track of the results. This will help us to monitor the funnel’s effectiveness, and further refine steps for continued optimisation.


The primary benefit of a high-ticket sales funnel is that it attracts better quality leads that are more likely to purchase a premium product or service.


High-ticket sales funnels inspire trust in customers, which means you won’t have to spend so much time building confidence in order to lead to a sale.


A high-ticket sales funnel will naturally eliminate customers who are not the right fit for your premium services or products, without you taking time to do this manually.


A high-ticket sales funnel is, by definition, a rapid process. It can turn a potential customer into a sale at a much faster rate than usual.

Sales Funnel Process


A high-ticket sales funnel is multi-faceted, with each element building towards a high-trust and high-value sale.


  • Funnel pages set up
  • Page design and template
  • Opt-in form and integration to your email marketing system
  • Application form for your client that qualifies them as quality leads
  • Booking calendar (integration to Calendly, or other) and success pages
  • Funnel copy content

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