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Our Story

CREATIVA was founded by Maribel & Vera in 2014,
with only a couple of old laptops, working from home or a cafe.

Design Studio turns 6 Wellington New Zealand
Branding & Web Design Studio Wellington

“She believed she could
so she did”

― R.S. Grey, Scoring Wilder

CREATIVA was founded by two migrant women in New Zealand: Maribel & Vera, in 2014. When they met they realised that they shared more than their heritage and profession, they were both struggling to find a job in their field and their were eager to get an opportunity to develop as professionals while looking after the family.

looking back

The Early Days

CREATIVA  Launch Party – Nov 2014

CREATIVA organised the first Latin American Network events
in Wellington – 2014 | 2015

CREATIVA at the Wellington Business Expo

At the Wellington Business Expo 2015

why we did it

Creating our own opportunities

After a few years in our new home country and struggling to find a job opportunity on our field, we took the leap and co-founded a design studio.

In 2018 we saw the need to grow the team so we decided to look for other women like us, that needed the same opportunities we didn’t have before CREATIVA.

Our mission is to provide flexible job opportunities to women that need flexible arrangements to get back to work, women who need to balance work and family life, improve their skills or language, or just get a chance to prove they can.

It’s been six years and that small studio of 2, now is a team of 6.

Team Members




Vera, Maria & Maribel at
More Than Rubies Conference – Nov 2018

Our 1st Women in Business Evening
organised by CREATIVA – October 2018

CREATIVA at the Wellington Business Expo

Vera, Victoria & Maribel,
co-working at The Settlement in Petone – March 2020

how we got here

A wonderful journey

Often, we found ourselves so busy looking forward that we lose sight of how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished. Looking back today, we can see some key things that we believe have been essential to the growth and success of our business.


We believe in nurturing meaningful relationships, in treating everyone with respect, always be yourself, and look after your clients. Honesty and transparency became a hallmark of our character and brand.


For us, communication plays a huge role in all our business relationships. It became vital for us since the beginning to have a polite, respectful, yet friendly, communication with everyone.


We’re passionate about our business and we want it to grow further – much further. To make an impact, to provide jobs, and to keep serving our clients with the best possible solutions.

A strong woman builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down.

about us

Things to know about us

We care

We care deeply about our team, our clients and our work. We treat everyone and each project with respect and transparency, putting honesty and trust at the centre of what we do.

we are professionals

We are passionate about what we do, and about working alongside our clients with great communication and a friendly approach. Our streamlined design process ensures we deliver outstanding results.

we have a mission

To empower our clients and our team to reach their dreams and goals by providing new opportunities and great ideas, the right tools, high-standard processes and excellent results.

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