case study


Web Design  |  Branding  |  Illustration

Project brief 

Dinner Play is a business based in Brisbane, Australia. They bring the theatre to your dinner party, providing direction on acting a classic play with your friends in a dinner party setting. 

They needed to develop a modern and clean design for their website and the play’s materials, with a hint of old classic aesthetics. 


The Dinner Play website invites visitors to scroll through their story and process. With a layout that evokes a classic but playful design. We also set up an e-commerce feature so they could sell their play sets online.


The logo design for Dinner Play is all about theatrical classic. We selected a couple of fonts that inspire an old style in graphic design and lettering, with a colour palette that resembles old scripts and natural materials.


This was a very special project because it involved a research about the different characters from Shakespeare’s plays. Each playbook includes 3 or 4 different characters that the player needs to play at the dinner, the design style of the characters, made as icons, shows the basic physical characteristics of each character. 

A number of documents included on each Pay Set needed to be styled according to the new Dinner Play brand guidelines, following the same modern and classic style, with a playful and fun design.

From the client:


“CREATIVA Design Studio has been an amazing bonus for my new business. Simply beautiful graphic design work, an amazing website and wonderful service. My design requirements, which were a little different, were met with enthusiasm. Great attention to detail, and fantastic research into my product line. No matter how tedious and relentless my newbie questions, I always received helpful and prompt responses. I have worked with several graphic designers and website developers. CREATIVA is my favourite.”

Michelle Prior – Dinner Play