Melanie from Quiescent contacted CREATIVA to develop and redesign her business Branding. She has been managing her own visuals over the past years with a few different styles and no defined branding guidelines. She reacheda point where she knew that to take her business further she needed a very consistent look and feel for her brand. Afterstudyingand understand her branding values and goals we designed her branding guide, defining her colours, fonts, layouts, etc. She was after a boutique, professional and stylish look and feel, that reflected her services and products that prioritise self-care using plant oils and the wisdom of nature.


  • Branding Guidelines
  • Logo Design Revamp
  • Business Cards
  • Treatment List Brochure
  • Product Labels
  • Banner Design
  • Social Media Images Set

Colour Palette

Green and brown has been an important part of Quiescent palette over the years, and in terms of design concept they represent very well the business core values, personality and services. We added a third colour (blue) to break the duo-chromatic palette and bring balance in between them.


Current LogoRevamp

From Quiescent existing logo we incorporated the new brand fonts and colours, and adjusting alignments to brand name and tagline.

Business/Notes Cards

Business/Notes Cards

Product Labels Design

Social Media Visual Set


“I’ve been working with Maribel at CREATIVAwho is FABULOUS! She has managed to tune into my vision very quickly and has come up with designs that have instantly resonated with me. It’s really fascinating learning about colours and what they represent. I feel the colours chosen for Quiescent perfectly reflect the message and image I want to share.”

Melanie – Quiescent



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