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When Ros Connelly decided to stand for the Upper Hutt CityCouncil she decided to commission CREATIVA to develop her campaign visuals and marketing material. Her public image needed to convey leadership, inspiration, and confidence. She needed her campaign communication set to effectively carry the message of her fourmain platforms, and to reach her target audience. She also commission us to print her materialon recyclable paperto support her environmental and recycling platform.


  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure Design
  • Social Media Images Set
  • Website Design and Build
  • Publication Ads
Ros Connelly Business Cards
Brochure Design
Ros Connelly Brochure Design
Billboard Design
Billboard Design
Website Design
Website Design
Facebook Images Set
Facebook Images Set

I recently ran a (successful) campaign to be elected onto the Upper Hutt City Council. I was a relatively unknown candidate and I knew that having stand-out materials would be critical in raising my profile. I chose CREATIVAbecause I liked the look of their portfolio, and I was keen to work with people who shared my values around delivering innovative, sustainable and quality products.

I was a challenging client insofar as I didn’t know whether I would like the look of something until I had seen it. I wanted to run multiple design options past my friends and family. Plus, I requested additional products as the campaign went on and my needs changed. However Vera and Maribel handled my requests with professionalism and never failed to deliver great designs or advice in a timely fashion.

The final products looked amazing and many people have told me that my billboards and pamphlets were the best of the campaign. I also appreciated Vera and Maribel’s liaison with the various contractors we engaged. This took the pressure off me and ensured that we got very competitive prices. I would definitely recommend CREATIVAfor your next design project.

Ros Connelly – Upper Hutt City Councillor