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Project brief 

SEQURE helps New Zealand’s hospitals reduce waiting lists for surgery and outpatient care by bringing experienced specialists and surgical teams to your operating theatres and clinics, after hours and on weekends.

Known as medical insourcing, the idea is new in New Zealand, being very successful overseas. This is the main reason that inspired the branding and website design: innovation, professionalism and excellence.


The website design for SEQURE Health needed to reflect the innovative and forward thinking service they offer. They wanted a design that was modern and professional, clean and sleek, with an straucture that was easy to navigate and could engage with their audience.


The logo design for SEQURE has very simple but strong style, focusing on some elegant and modern sans serif fonts and use the Q as a main symbol of the brand. The colour palette uses a few shades of blue, wich plays throught out the brand with a series of abstract shapes. There is vibrant red incorporated into the brand which is based on the double-decker London buses, a symbol that represents the basis of “doubling” your capacity.