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Project brief 

The Blossom Tree is a boutique event hire agency located in Brisbane, Australia. They provide standout feature trees and installation for special events. They specialise in floral installations, carrying Australia’s largest range of blossom trees and flower walls.

The Blossom Tree brand needed to reflect elegance and glamour, with a set of fonts and colours that represented the quality and luxury of their products and services.

Logo Design

The logo concept uses the symbol of the blossom tree as one of the main products offered by the company. It uses simple and bold lines to represent the tree strength, as the same time the simplicity makes it elegant and modern. The font used on this concept is a Serif Font which reflect luxury and sophistication.

The Blossom Tree Logo Design

Colour Palette

The colour palette proposed for The Blossom Tree branding is based on a range from Gold Yellows to Grey, to evoke luxury and elegance.?The Yellow Gold colour represent the precious metal, that is associated with wealth, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour.?To complement the Yellow Gold we have chosen Grey with a hint of teal to create a subtle and delicate contrast, balance and harmony. The colour grey is a timeless and practical colour, associated with formality and sophistication.


The website design for the Blossom Tree started with a single page site with the basic information about their story, their products, gallery and contact details.

From the client:


“Maribel explained everything thoroughly and showed compassion and kindness to my business situation. For that, I will always be grateful. I hope for this to be an ongoing relationship, I will never forget anyone that helps me grow.”

Jeslin Koller – Owner The Blossom Tree